The aircraft search and appraisal service is performed around the globe.

Whereas, Rachel services are inquired regularly by HNW clients with a European heritage or their family offices. The appraisals are typically requested directly by the bank community, e.g., for asset financing purposes. For the aircraft search, she uses fostered resources and connections or, if necessary and to broaden the field, she partners mainly with US- or UK-based broker colleagues.​

As a member of the major industry associations, she is also part of an international network of industry-leading companies in Europe and the US that provide support and assistance around the globe. Thus, to find the best “On-” or even better “off-market” deals for her aircraft owner clients.

From the beginning of her career as licensed aircraft engineer, pilot and business economist, she is proud to provide professional and personalized services to her clients through gained technical knowledge. With the use of state-of-the-art technological tools in her aircraft inspections and appraisals, she can deliver up-to-the-minute detailed market data including worldwide capabilities. Thus, to allocate aircraft at the best possible “Fair Market Price”. To find for her clients the finest aircraft with the best value anywhere in the world and provide a positive, hassle-free experience to her clients.


Accumulated knowledge with the following aircraft, so far:

Airbus Airliner

  •  A320class

ACJ – Airbus Corporate Jets
  • ACJ A318/319

BAe Airliner
  • BAe 146-200/300

BBJ – Boeing Business Jets
  • BBJ 747
  • BBJ 737-class

Boeing Airliner
  • B737 Classic
  • B737 NG
  • B757-class

Bombardier Airliner
  •  CRJ200

Bombardier Business Jets

  • Challenger CL300, 350, 3500, 604, 605, 850
  • Global Express, GLEX, XRS, Global 5000, Global 6000
  • LearJet 40XR, 45XR, 60XR

Textron Aviation (Cessna) Business Jets
  • Cessna Mustang, Sovereign
  • Citation CJ/1, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ4, 
  • XLS, XLS+, X
Textron Aviation (Hawker Beechcraft)
  • KingAir TurboProp
  • Business Jets: 400XP, 750, 850XP, 900XP

Dassault Business Jets
  • Falcon 50, 900/EX, 2000LX, 2000S, 2000EAsy, 7X

Embraer Business Jets

  • Embraer Legacy 500, 600, 650
  • and Phenoms

Gulfstream Business Jets
  • G450, G550

Helicopter Public Service
  • Bell 206LR
  • Euro Copter EC135, BK117

Shorts Military Trainer
  •  S.312 Mk1  

Pilatus Private TurboProp and Military Trainer
  • PC-9
  • Pilatus PC-12

PZL Mielec (Sikorsky) Military Transport
  • M28 Skytruck