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Expert Witnesses

Europe's Leader in Independent Aviation Advisory:

 “Publicly Appointed & Sworn Expert Witnesses”


Focus Areas:

  • Appraisal: Objective Aircraft and Helicopter Valuations

  • Assessment: Comprehensive Safety and Compliance Reviews

  • Advisory: Expert Guidance through Aviation's Regulatory Landscape

Clients we serve:

  • Owners & Family Offices: Tailored Advisory for Asset Management and Proper Aircraft Allocation

  • Financing Institutions & Bankers: Risk Assessment and Valuation

  • Judges & Legal Advisers: Authoritative Expert Witness Testimony

  • Operators & Maintenance Organizations:  Operational and Compliance Support

  • Strategic Partnerships & Discreet Sector Clients: Confidential Consultation

Our Expertise:

  • Aircraft Transactions: Expert oversight during sale or purchase.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigation through aviation regulatory frameworks.

  • Physical Surveys: Independent inspection and survey of aircraft & helicopters by McKay Experts.


"Our emphasis is on your leading role;
as your wingman, we're committed to delivering precise appraisals for informed aviation decisions."


Services Overview:

  • Valuations and Assessments: Precision in every appraisal for informed decision-making.

  • Support in Aircraft Transactions: Facilitation of compliant and value-optimized acquisitions.

  • Asset Management: Strategic asset allocation to align with operational needs and financial goals.

“The swift and detailed report by Rachel McKay and her team has exceeded the standards of major surveyor firms.”

Endorsement by Hans Rudolf Wöhrl

Selecting Our Aviation Expertise Team: Your Gateway to Specialized Services and Dedicated Support

Choosing our team connects you with aviation experts committed to your goals, offering specialized services from appraisal to consultancy. Our partnership means access to a broad spectrum of aviation expertise, ensuring your aspirations are supported with exceptional care.


Aircraft Financing

Hans Joachim

Aircraft Expert


Airliner Aviation Expert


Aircraft Expert Witness


Helicopter Expert Witness


Aircraft Expert Witness


Maximize Time and Elevate Work Efficiency

At McKay Aviation Experts, we recognize that your aircraft is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a critical tool in your pursuit of efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage. We're dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your aircraft acquisition and management seamlessly integrates into your business and personal life, enabling you to focus on what matters most.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Accurate Valuations and Assessments

Delivering precise valuations and assessments, offering tailored aviation advisory services specifically for aircraft owners, whether private or commercial operators (AOC/NCC/SPO) or involved with selected maintenance & repair organizations (MRO/Part-145).

Support in Aircraft Transactions

Our expertise in appraisals is enhanced by our assistance in acquisitions under specific finder's fee agreements, ensuring transactions are compliant and value-optimized.

Asset Allocation and Management

Focused on maximizing value, we aid in the identification and acquisition of aircraft that align with your operational needs and financial goals. Our comprehensive support covers technical, operational, and aircraft asset management, tailored for both private and commercial operations.

Our services cater to a wide range of aircraft types, including specialized business aircraft and corporate jets, airliners and their derivatives, helicopters, and special mission aircraft.

“With over four decades of experience in aviation and by leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, we provide precise appraisals and strategic acquisitions that are tailored to our clients’ long-term objectives.”


Our Emphasis is on:

    • Owner Aviation Consulting Service

    • Aircraft  Expert Witness Supprt

    • Pre-Buy Inspections | Delivery oversight 

    • Aircraft | Helicopter — Valuations / Appraisals

    • Maintenance / Operator invoicing reconciliation

    • Operator Support | AOC/NCC/SPO | CAMO


Our Typical Manufacturer and Supplier Base,

without indication of the major Competent Aviation Authorities, Brokerage Firms, MRO/Part-145, AOC & CAM Organizations, however will be made available on request.

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Our logo embodies perseverance, resilience, expertise, protection, and the spirit of aspiration.


"Our logo at McKay Aviation Experts combines a blue globe with a silverish figurative airplane ascending from left to the right, symbolizing our extensive global reach and expertise in aviation.

This design reflects our dedication to progress and our mission to connect clients worldwide, guiding them to success in the aviation sector. 

On the right, the depiction of Athena signifies wisdom, courage, and protection, encapsulating our foundational values and commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and safeguarding client interests in a competitive environment.

The motto of the McKay family crest, -Manu Forti- translating to 'With a strong hand,' signifies strength, determination, and a decisive approach, profoundly influencing our ethos.

This, along with the McKay Credo 'Be true — work wisely and look to the outcome,' shapes our business philosophy. It highlights integrity, the significance of strategic action, and a forward-looking mindset in aviation, in line with our commitment to robustness and strategic planning for success.

We prioritize safety, efficiency, and strategic growth, upholding the highest standards. This ethos underscores our commitment to innovation, prosperity in aviation, and providing expert guidance and support, ensuring a steadfast journey for our clients."