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McKay methodically oversees the pre-buy of the aircraft, registration, delivery, handover, processing of jet acquisitions or sales, and, if necessary, their repossession. This includes, but is not limited to, surveys of the records and her own personal inspections of the aircraft.  As a result, certified appraisals, extended desktop, technical, and value evaluations with depreciation calculation for financing purposes, among other assessment services, are provided as necessary.

Let's discuss in person the characteristics your prospective private plane must have, including the way it should be operated.

Our Mission

McKay's objective is to provide owners and
operators the information, resources, and real-time data they need to keep track of their aircraft's ownership, acquisition, and resale transactions. This is done while ensuring the highest level of transparency and privacy.  With our regular updates, we keep clients informed of market changes, so they may make informed decisions using authentic market insights.

 Your Way

Select an aircraft or broker from a list that actively markets or has successfully marketed your make and model. View the complete photographs and specifications for each aircraft, broken down by make, model, and serial number. If you're considering repainting the entire aircraft or giving the interior a facelift before you sell it? You might use our vast media and data library to prepare yourself with the information you need to make this potentially costly decision, or you may do almost nothing before the sale.

The Market

In the detailed view of available aircraft, you can see the serial number, asking price, broker/owner information, and aircraft specs, and you can compare them to your actual aircraft, or aircraft requirements, side by side. Get a full mark-to-market valuation report to help with long-term planning, market changes, tax planning, balancing the aircraft book values, or for bank financing valuation requirements.

Der McKay Unternehmenszweck in Kürze:

In a nutshell, the purpose of the McKay business:

Provision of services on corporate jets, in particular private and business aviation, occasionally but frequently airliner aircraft and their private equivalents.

Evaluating and examining aircraft, its engines, components, and accessories. AOC, NCC, and SPO operators as well as their MROs as service providers are also being evaluated.

Advice to aircraft owners, respectively the family offices, operators, and most definitely the banking community during the aircraft selection and purchase process.

Assisting the financing process with appraisal and physical aircraft inspections. Delivering and performing the effective handover process between seller and buyer, including performing the delivery to the preselected country of registration.

Finding and acquiring the aircraft in accordance with owner criteria, managing the operation, and eventually selling the aircraft in compliance with owner objectives and actual market circumstances and values.

The McKay-companies are based in Switzerland in order to conduct business as efficiently as possible worldwide.

Erbringung von Dienstleistungen an Geschäftsreiseflugzeugen, insbesondere in der Privat- und Geschäftsluftfahrt, gelegentlich, aber auch immer wieder an Linienflugzeugen und deren privaten Äquivalenten.

Bewertung und Untersuchung von Flugzeugen, deren Triebwerken, Komponenten sowie Zubehör. Auch AOC-, NCC- und SPO-Betreiber sowie deren MROs als Dienstleister werden evaluiert.

Beratung von Flugzeugbesitzern bzw. der Family Offices, den Betreibern und vor allem der Bankengemeinschaft während des Auswahl- und Kaufprozesses von Flugzeugen.

Unterstützung des Finanzierungsprozesses durch Bewertung und physische Flugzeuginspektionen.

Bereitstellung und Durchführung des effektiven Übergabeprozesses zwischen Verkäufer und Käufer, einschließlich der Durchführung der Lieferung in das vorab abgestimmte Registrierungsland.

Suche und Erwerb des Flugzeugs gemäß den Kriterien des Eigentümers, Management des Flugzeugbetriebs und wenn gewünscht der Verkauf des Flugzeugs in Übereinstimmung mit den Zielen des Eigentümers und den tatsächlichen Marktbedingungen- und Preisen.

Die McKay-Unternehmen haben ihren Sitz in der Schweiz, um weltweit so effizient wie möglich das Geschäft zu gestalten.

All dies gemäß dem McKay-Credo:

All this according to the McKay Credo:

Sei wahrhaftig — arbeite mit Bedacht und schaue auf das Ergebnis.“

„Be true — work wisely and look to the outcome.“

- With a strong hand - "MANU FORTI"
Rachel McKay Owner, Publicly Appointed Sworn Expert Witness, Senior Aircraft Appraiser and
President of the German Aviation Expert Association wishes you a very

Rachel's Opinion

"You must adapt to reality as you face it. " 

November 14th, 2022 


“Even though it's not rocket science to appraise aircraft, it's complex and a business on its own. It requires know-how and market access all around. 

Especially these days, pricing an airplane is challenging because of COVID-19's aftermath, developing conflicts and inflation. 

Including, but not only, prospective sellers' or purchasers' expectations about how the market would develop. It requires careful evaluation of numerous variables.

In addition to understanding aeronautical knowledge and skills, one must cultivate perseverance and in-depth knowledge of the market if one is to perform the duties effectively over time.”


Hallmark of public appointment and swearing-in

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce's awarded logo unifies the distinct functions of the publicly appointed and sworn experts in a simple design. 
Three characteristics, namely analysis, appraisal, and objectivity, were valued in particular.
The circles visually resemble an eye on the bottom, while an implied seal is visible at the top left. The blue halves are symmetrical to represent the objectivity of the expert judgment.