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Precision Landing at My McKay Experts — Aviation Appraisal & Technical Advisory

Located strategically north of Zurich Airport and near Swiss Lake Constance, McKay Experts guides me through aviation's complexities, highlighting risks such as oversight and misjudgment in technical, operational, and appraisal areas. Their focus is on reducing these concerns, preparing me for the journey ahead in the unpredictable world of aviation.

  • Risk of Financial Discrepancy: Absence of precise appraisals may lead to financial losses through overvaluation or undervaluation in aircraft transactions.
  • Technical and Safety Compromises: Lack of detailed inspections and evaluations can result in overlooking critical safety and performance standards.
  • EASA/FAA/CAA Regulatory Non-Compliance: Without guidance on regulatory frameworks and respective competent aviation authority compliance, there is a risk of regulatory breaches, leading to legal issues and penalties or other costs.
  • Transactional Delays and Disadvantages: Missing expert support in aviation transactions can cause inefficiencies, delays, and unfavorable terms, impacting outcomes.
  • Ownership Transition Challenges: Inadequate coordination in the acquisition process may lead to unresolved issues and discrepancies, complicating the transition of aircraft ownership.

Focusing on these areas and my other areas of concern, McKay Experts is dedicated to mitigating risks and ensuring a secure and advantageous journey through the aviation landscape.


McKay Experts Services Include:


Aircraft Search:

Fair Market Analysis: Ensuring I pay or receive a fair price by leveraging their extensive network and current market data.

Perfect Fit Assurance: Identifying aircraft that meet my precise technical and operational requirements, eliminating doubts about the aircraft's suitability.

Technical Surveys:

Verified Maintenance Evaluations: Acting as my on-site representative to ensure maintenance invoices are justified and findings are accurate.

Detail-Oriented Inspections: Focusing on aesthetics, airworthiness, and safety to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Transparent Communication: Providing daily updates with comprehensive reports, highlighting and addressing every discrepancy to protect my interests.

Asset Appraisal:

Fair Market Valuations: Tailored appraisals reflecting true market value, crucial for my buying, selling, or financing decisions or supporting lawyers and court.

Depreciation Forecasts: Offering up to a 10-year depreciation calculation, providing a clear future value projection.

Transaction Support:

Comprehensive History Verification: Ensuring a full “back-to-birth” trace to identify any previous issues, distinguishing between cosmetic and airworthiness concerns.

Legislative Compliance: Providing expert guidance to ensure transactions are conducted within the proper and correct regulatory frameworks, working together with my selected legal partners if requested.

Delivery Coordination:

Contractual Fulfillment: Safeguarding all conditions are met, and the aircraft is delivered as agreed.

Seamless Transition: Coordinating between parties to resolve any issues, ensuring a smooth ownership transfer.


Ö.b.u.v.SV — Senior Aircraft Appraiser


I will contact Rachel for my custom Aircraft Solutions

Today, I begin my personalized aviation journey with McKay Experts and initiate my consultation with Rachel to discover how she can support my aviation goals.

Rachel is available for complimentary consultations daily from 07:00 to 19:00 CET

For scheduling outside these hours, I can find additional contact methods through the header link to the CONTACT FORM.

Communication options are conveniently located for me at both the top and bottom of this site, ensuring easy access to expert advice and personalized service. 

My consultations remain complimentary until an agreement with McKay Experts is reached, formalized, and accepted on my part.

Why Should I Choose McKay Experts I am guided by the collective expertise of the team, including the founder Rachel McKay and her seasoned colleagues, each distinguished for their specialized knowledge in both the aircraft and helicopter sectors. Their credentials are extensive, covering Senior Aircraft Appraisers and Publicly Sworn Aircraft Expert Witnesses, with profound experience in piloting, aircraft engineering, as well as in airliner operations and banking.

They offer a comprehensive approach that is meticulously tailored to meet my specific needs and preferences, guaranteeing precision and customization in both fixed-wing and rotorcraft disciplines.

  • Access Complimentary Market Trends: I stay informed with an exclusive business jet market analysis.
  • Download My Free Business Jet Buying Guide: I navigate my acquisition with their below linked expert guide.

At McKay Experts, my aviation aspirations are met with PASSION, PRECISION & EXPERTISE

Ensuring my objectives:

“A proper valued & APPRAISED PLANE!”



Aircraft Appraised by McKay Experts: 

Includes ACJ & BBJ Models. 

Not indicated are GA, Helicopters, and Special Mission Aircraft Due to NDAs

Status: FEB-2024
For Details of your specific aircraft/helicopter, utilize the above



“Thank you for the report.

I appreciate the swift and detailed report provided by Rachel McKay and her team, surpassing those of major surveyor firms in the past.

The report's depth, particularly regarding the aircraft's condition, showcases significant findings even in older models.

This comprehensive analysis prompts careful consideration for future actions regarding my plane.”

Hans Rudolf Wöhrl 


Rachel McKay and her team are here for you.

At McKay Experts, nestled on the Swiss south shores of Lake Constance, just a short journey by train north of Zurich airport in Switzerland, we dedicate ourselves to crafting personalized aviation experiences that cater uniquely to your journey. Every service we provide, from meticulous aircraft appraisals to comprehensive maintenance oversight and bespoke aircraft selection, is tailored to meet your individual needs and aspirations. This commitment to personalized service is the cornerstone of our practice.

Led by Rachel McKay, whose deep roots in the aviation industry have been growing since 1975, our approach is profoundly personal. Rachel's extensive network and wealth of expertise are not just assets; they are essential tools used with precision to ensure that your specific goals are achieved with unwavering dedication. Here, you are more than a client; you are a partner whose success is our primary concern.

Understanding the importance of direct communication, we offer to meet at your convenience, whether it’s during your next stopover at Zurich, over dinner or lunch by the lake on the Swiss south shores of Lake Constance, or even by flying out to meet you at your location, be it in London at the airport or at the iconic Landmark Hotel. Our goal is to facilitate a service where your voice leads the conversation, ensuring that every decision made is in your best interest.

To further cement our commitment to trust and confidentiality, we are prepared to offer direct referrals from both current and previous clients upon the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This step underscores the confidence we have in our service quality and the value we place on transparency and discretion in our partnerships.

While our expertise is tailored to fit your exact needs, we also provide access to a network of trusted professionals for comprehensive support in areas beyond our direct scope, such as tax or legal advice.

We warmly invite you to share your aviation aspirations and challenges with us. Let Rachel and the team at McKay Experts become your trusted allies in the aviation world, dedicated to protecting your interests and ensuring that your needs are not just met but exceeded. Welcome to a partnership where discretion, expertise, and personalized attention come together to support your success in the personal and business aviation world, all from our beautiful location on the Swiss south shores of Lake Constance.

Expert Appraisals and Technical Support in Aviation

The McKay Method is a systematic process for managing the purchase, registration, delivery, and transfer of ownership of aircraft, as well as the potential repossession of them. 

This includes reviewing records and inspecting the aircraft to ensure the accuracy of appraisals and assessments, such as depreciation calculations for financing. The goal of these services is to provide a thorough evaluation of the aircraft.

Let's discuss in person the characteristics your prospective private plane must have, including the way it should be operated.

Aircraft Valuation and Engineering Support

Expertise in Business Jets and Aviation Assets

Our firm excels in the precise valuation and engineering support of aviation assets, with a particular focus on Business Jets and a comprehensive array of other aviation resources. With over 50 years of experience, we are adept at catering to the needs of the commercial, private, and specialized aviation sectors, offering solutions that are meticulously tailored to each client's requirements.

We specialize in a broad spectrum of aviation assets, including Commercial Aircraft, Private Jets, Helicopters, and Special Mission Aircraft, ensuring that our services are aligned with the specific needs of our clients, whether it involves individual aircraft or extensive fleets.

Our wide-ranging expertise covers everything from military trainers to luxury private jets and includes support for specialized aircraft operations such as air ambulances and surveillance aircraft. Dedicated to meeting the complex demands of the global aviation industry, we provide customized, client-focused support, guaranteeing that each client receives the precise, personalized attention needed to address their unique aviation challenges.

Initial phone consultations are complimentary.

Charges will apply only after acceptance of the cost estimate.

For more details or to schedule your complimentary consultation, click the below buttons:


How to purchase a Business Jet - get your cost free brochure here

    • Allocating the best fit aircraft
    • Appraising the aircraft for owner or financing purposes
    • Initiating the contact with seller via “Offering Letter/E-Mail”
    • Establishing the LOI – Letter of Intent Phase
    • Supporting the APA – Purchase Agreement Phase
    • Supervising the PPI – Pre-buy survey (“inspection”), Record Survey, including Part-145/MRO selection and oversight
    • Performing the Handover, Closing, and Delivery

Due Diligence for Business Aircraft Trading

Thorough Due Diligence Services

We provide comprehensive due diligence services for the trading of business aircraft, crucial for investors, operators, or financial institutions during acquisitions, mergers, or financial restructuring. Our services combine analytical expertise with extensive industry experience. 


Current Focus: ESG Compliance and Future Financing

We are at the forefront of developing specialized tools to meet ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements, as mandated by governments for banking sector regulation. This initiative ensures future aircraft financing aligns with evolving regulatory frameworks.

Aircraft Transactions and technical services

Our Team

consists of certified appraisers and publicly appointed, sworn-in aircraft expert witnesses, specializing in general aviation aircraft, business and corporate jets, including helicopters. This unique blend of certification and public appointment emphasizes our ability to provide accurate valuations and reliable advisory services.

Technical Support:
Planning, management, and on-site representation for inspections, surveys, and transitions of business aircraft or helicopters.

Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive Services Across the Business Aircraft Lifecycle

Our expertise extends over the entire lifecycle of business aircraft transactions – from acquisition, including surveys at the aircraft factory and throughout planned and unplanned lifecycle events, to transition, management, and resale. We offer:

Experienced Aircraft Advisors:
Specialized expertise for acquisition, inspection, transition, default management, and remarketing.

Financial Services and Valuation 

Complex Financial Structures and Transactions — Advanced Risk Analysis and Support

In the specialized area of business aviation, we go beyond conventional Bank-KYC procedures, offering comprehensive support in complex financial structures and transactions. This includes not only individual aircraft or helicopters, but also the broader fleet perspective. Our services address potential cluster risks that can arise from various financing methods or equity contributions utilized by aircraft owners or operators.

Our methodology is instrumental in assisting risk departments with their decision-making processes. This involves incorporating in-depth analysis into our appraisal services for individual aircraft as well as entire fleets. We focus on long-term aspects, including cost protection programs, monitoring the value trends of aircraft, and analyzing maintenance costs over extended periods, which may span up to ten years or beyond.

By focusing on these elements, we ensure a concentrated approach to the direct financial impacts and risk assessments related to aircraft value fluctuations and maintenance expenditures over the length of the financing term. Our tailored service for the business aviation market provides our clients with comprehensive insights for effective risk management in their aviation investments.


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