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Aircraft Expertise signed and sealed

Luftfahrzeug Expertise mit Brief & Siegel

McKay offers a range of aircraft asset management and appraisal services including, but not limited to a Certified Aircraft Expertise, Full Aircraft AppraisalsExtended Desktop Appraisals and Comprehensive Appraisals covering the physical aircraft and records survey.

Financial Appraisals (incl. depreciation calculations) are established to commercial (AOC) or private operators (NCC), beneficial and legal aircraft owners, financial institutions, banks, family offices or High-net-worth-individuals.

Aircraft Acquisitions Consulting or
Technical Consulting
services includes the aircraft selection according owner/operator requirements. 

The performance, support and oversight of the pre-buy inspection (PPI) and the aircraft delivery (import & export between legislation's), may include the aircraft handover between owner or operator.

In default situations Aircraft Re-Possession are consulted and if required timely executed in collaboration with partnered law offices.

End of Lease returns are planned & performed in accordance with owner/operator contractual requirements.

Private Expert Witness Service is available to High-Networth-Individuals, whereas

Litigation Support Services as

Court Expert Witness duties are defined by and with the court and performed according legal requirements of the competent authority.

PIC above "New Swanstone Castle" Southern Bavaria
Morning haze on B737 before survey on-site
BBJ-737 Survey on-site
Falcon-2K ferry & delivery flight with client aboard
Bombardier CRJ200 Hangar Site
Falcon PPI Record Survey at MRO / AOC / CAMO


“Rachel McKay kept a positive "can do" attitude and solved problems at every turn throughout the past 2+ months. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to getting this deal completed. It would be great to work with you on another deal!”  
“We will certainly keep you in mind when we need some assistance in Europe. I can tell you that our firm was very pleased with your reports and how thorough you are. Good job and thank you for your help. Hope to do more soon.”
"Thank you for the information below and your great support, coordination, planning, negotiating, flexibility, approaches to find solutions, availability and commitment that made this sale a success. We are very happy to have you as essential partner to close this deal".
"Thank you to you and your team for all of your efforts in seeing this transaction through to fruition." 
"No doubt, I will keep you in mind on future opportunities. Since our portfolio consists principally of corporate aircraft I have no doubt it would be value to us, now and in the future."
“The transaction is officially closed! Attached you will find the FAA date stamped Bill of Sale. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Rachel for handling all of the myriad details that have come up during the course of this entire transaction. Again, congratulations on the sale of the aircraft!”

Rachel McKay
45 Years of Experience
Publicly appointed Sworn Aircraft Expert Witness 
on the authority of the Hanover Chamber of Industry & Commerce

Court Surveyor for Aircraft Value Assessment
​Von der Industrie- & Handelskammer Hannover öffentlich bestellte und 

vereidigte Sachverständige für Bewertung von Flugzeugen, inbes. Geschäftsreiseflugzeuge ab 5,7 t


Rachel McKay ist von der Industrie- und Handelskammer Hannover öffentlich bestellte und vereidigte Sachverständige für Bewertung von Flugzeugen, insbes. Geschäftsreiseflugzeuge ab 5,7t. Ihre neutrale, objektive Meinung und vertiefte Marktkenntnis sorgen für qualitativ hochwertige Flugzeugbewertungen und damit für realistische Bilanzwerte bei ihren Mandanten. 

Diese sind i.d.R. Finanzinstitute, Family Offices, private Eigentümer, Luftfahrzeug-Betreiber und Gerichte. Sie unterstützt private Käufer und gewerbliche Luftfahrtbetreiber (AOC) bei der Auswahl des passenden Luftfahrtgerätes. 

Dabei überwacht sie und führt durch, die Pre-Buy-Inspektionen (PPI), die Herstellung oder Wartung, den Import / Export bis zur De-/Registrierung. 

Die vertragsgemäße Übergabe von Flugzeugen, bei Finanzierungsende, und zwischen den Betreibern und Eigentümern, ist ein weiterer Aspekt ihres Aufgabengebietes. 

Neben der Betreuung von Luftfahrzeugen für den Eigentümer, z.B. im Rahmen eines Asset Managements oder bei größeren Wartungsereignissen, hat sich Rachel McKay mit Partnerfachanwälten auch auf die Wiederinbesitznahme (Re-Possession) von Flugzeugen spezialisiert.


Capability List

Starting her aviator’s life on the 1st day of July 1975, here Rachel McKay’s past Practice Areas:

General Aviation Aircraft

Piper PA28 

Military Aircraft

ivil / Airliner Aircraft

What Will You Get ?

Rachel McKay’s Truthfully Expert Opinion

How to select, valuate, check, purchase, handover, ex-/import, de-/register, operate and maintain YOUR aircraft properly.
On request a

Aircraft Expertise
consisting of 
Appraisal - online linked PDF or Soft-/Hardcover Book

Aircraft Physical Situation - online linked Aircraft Pictures

Aircraft Record Situation - online linked Records & Documents
Evidences (Findings)
will be established.

Authenticated Deed

Urkunde über den Wert eines Luftfahrzeuges

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