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Details to consider selecting the best Aircraft or proper Appraiser for me

Purpose of the Appraisal or Consulting Services
  • Desktop appraisal
  • Desktop appraisal for tax or
  • financing purposes
  • Appraisal / Expertise including the
  • Aircraft on-site physical inspection
  • including an aircraft record check 
  • Intention to purchase a specific aircraft
  • Pre-Buy Inspection oversight
  • Maintenance/Operator invoicing reconciliation
  • Consulting services in supporting to find, purchase or sell an aircraft
  • Expert Witness Support

(desired  or) Available Aircraft Specifics
  • MFG – Manufacturer
  • Type / Model
  • YoM/YoD – Year of Made / Delivery
  • MSN – Manufacturer Serial Number
  • Aircraft Registration 
  • AFTT – Aircraft Total Time / Flight hours
  • Aircraft Location 
  • Desired operational area

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