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To request aircraft search or appraisal services from Rachel McKay, please provide the following information:

  • A description of the desired services
  • Details of any available aircraft (if applicable)
  • Your phone number and preferred time and timezone for a callback
Note: You do not need to provide all of the above information to search for an aircraft or appraiser, but the more specific you can be, the more efficiently Rachel McKay will be able to assist you. 

In addition, please be sure to include your phone number so that she can contact you as soon as possible.

The GAEA Expert Finder is a tool that can help you search for a specific subject or appraiser within the aviation industry. By clicking on the provided link, you will be able to access this resource and find the information you need.


Details to consider selecting the best Aircraft or proper Appraiser for you

Purpose of the Appraisal or Consulting Services
  • Desktop appraisal
  • Desktop appraisal for tax or
  • financing purposes
  • Appraisal / Expertise including the
  • Aircraft on-site physical inspection
  • including an aircraft record check 
  • Intention to purchase a specific aircraft
  • Pre-Buy Inspection oversight
  • Maintenance/Operator invoicing reconciliation
  • Consulting services in supporting to find, purchase or sell an aircraft
  • Expert Witness Support

(desired  or) Available Aircraft Specifics
  • MFG – Manufacturer
  • Type / Model
  • YoM/YoD – Year of Made / Delivery
  • MSN – Manufacturer Serial Number
  • Aircraft Registration 
  • AFTT – Aircraft Total Time / Flight hours
  • Aircraft Location 
  • Desired operational area

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