"Vielen Dank für das Gutachten.

Ich habe in der Vergangenheit oft bei Airliner Flugzeugen mit großen Gutachter-Firmen
zusammengearbeitet, aber ich muss anerkennen, dass ich noch nie ein so umfangreiches und
überzeugendes Gutachten in so kurzer Zeit, wie von Rachel McKay, bekommen habe.

Interessant sind die Details des Gutachtens.
Der Zustand des Luftfahrzeuges ist zwar insgesamt gut, aber an den Kleinigkeiten
erkennt man doch den Unterschied. Selbst bei uralten Flugzeugen hätte es nicht
annähernd so viele Findings gegeben.

Ich werde mir jetzt sehr genau überlegen was ich mit dem Flugzeug mache.“

Hans Rudolf Wöhrl - im Oktober-2020

"Rachel McKay kept a positive "can do" attitude and solved problems 

at every turn throughout the past 2+ months.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to getting this deal completed.
It would be great to work with you on another deal!”  

"We will certainly keep you in mind when we need some assistance in Europe."

"I can tell you that our firm was 

very pleased with your reports and how thorough you are."

"Good job and thank you for your help. Hope to do more soon.”

"Thank you for the information below and your great support, coordination, planning, negotiating, flexibility, approaches to find solutions, availability and commitment that made this sale a success. We are very happy to have you as an essential partner to close this deal".

"Thank you to you and your team for all of your efforts in seeing this transaction through to fruition."

"No doubt, I will keep you in mind on future opportunities. Since our portfolio consists principally of corporate aircraft, I have no doubt it would be value to us, now and in the future."

"The transaction is officially closed! Attached you will find the FAA date stamped Bill of Sale."

"I would also like to extend a special thanks to Rachel for handling
all of the myriad details

that have come up during the course of this entire transaction."

congratulations on the sale of the aircraft!