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Career Opportunities at McKay Experts

McKay Experts is seeking seasoned professionals with at least 12 years of experience in Corporate Jets, Helicopter, airframe/engine manufacturing, and aircraft/helicopter maintenance. Ideal candidates will hold PPL, CPL, A&P certifications, or a combination thereof. We are specifically tracking down individuals with expertise in maintenance planning engineering and CAMO Airworthiness Review, skilled in conducting comprehensive back-2-birth aircraft record checks. Additionally, candidates should possess a strong capability in drafting expertise reports and technical evaluations within a CAMO context. We encourage applications from all genders, particularly those with a military background and hands-on flying or maintenance experience. Our focus is on professionals adept in scheduled inspections, Pre-purchase Inspections (Pre-Buy/PPI), Completion Oversight, and who have a specialization in inspections and oversight within the Airliner, Helicopter, Corporate Jets, or General Aviation sectors.

  • Airliner, Helicopter, Corporate Jets or in “General” Aviation “hands-on”-expertise
  • Airframe/engine manufacturing
  • Aircraft (Helicopter) maintenance/CAMO
  • Preferred certifications: PPL/CPL/A&P (B/C)
  • 12+ years of experience
  • Specialization in inspections and oversight


Project Engagement and Support

At McKay Experts, we offer a unique opportunity to engage with projects that align with your specific skills, under the guidance of Rachel McKay. Transition from the uncertainties of freelance work to a stable environment offering high-quality assignments in both maintenance and piloting. You will be fully equipped with the necessary gear for each task, ensuring readiness and confidence to tackle challenges, embodying our commitment to practical, results-oriented work. 

  • Guided project matching
  • Stable, quality assignments
  • Necessary gear provided
  • Commitment to practical, results-driven work


Financial Transparency

Financial matters at McKay Experts are managed with utmost clarity and precision, allowing you to focus on your professional contributions. From the outset, we ensure transparent communication regarding compensation, job responsibilities, and expectations, guaranteeing consistent and reliable payment directly from us. Our per diem system simplifies expense management, while we also take care of travel and accommodation costs, relieving you of any initial financial stress. We place a strong emphasis on operational safety, uphold professionalism in every interaction, and ensure clear communication to meet our clients' rigorous safety and performance standards. Integrity, confidentiality, and respect are the foundations of our client relationships, fostering a trustworthy and supportive work environment. 

  • Transparent compensation details
  • Direct payment processing
  • Per diem system for expenses
  • Travel and accommodation covered
  • Emphasis on safety and professionalism
  • Integrity, confidentiality, and respect in client relationships


Joining the McKay Experts

Are you looking for a fulfilling career with McKay Experts? We invite you to get in touch to discover the full-time or part-time opportunities available. By sharing your availability and location, we can facilitate prompt and efficient communication. We are eager to learn more about how you can make a significant impact on our team. For a more personal connection, please contact us via email to schedule a Zoom meeting. This face-to-face interaction allows us to mutually understand each other better and establish a solid foundation for a successful partnership. 

  • Full-time or part-time opportunities
  • Efficient communication based on availability and location
  • Personal connection through Zoom meeting


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  • Country of Residence / Travel (Visa-)restrictions
  • Brief description of your aviation experience and any specific roles you're interested in.

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