Quick Cost Guide

Simplified Service Offering

We've streamlined our services to be more straightforward, aligning closely with our clients' needs while maintaining the high quality we're known for. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet your unique requirements in an easily understandable and cost-effective manner.

Communication through Phone, Teams, Zoom conferences, and WhatsApp is available around the clock for quick and efficient service. Please note, this 24/7 availability pertains to initial inquiries and emergency contacts, with detailed consultations scheduled as promptly as possible.

Service Offerings and Starting Prices:

  • Desktop Appraisals: Starting at CHF 2,250 for an in-depth analysis leveraging accessible data.
  • On-Site Surveys: From CHF 3,250, conducting thorough examinations at the aircraft's location.
  • Premium Services: Begin at CHF 3,950, including advanced analysis and future valuation forecasting.
  • PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspections) / On-Site Representation / MRO/AOC Cost Audits: Custom quotes based on an initial consultation to assess specific requirements.
  • Verbal Options: Hourly rates available for consultations and assessments not requiring formal reporting.
  • First Consultations: Complimentary, allowing us to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

Final Report with Deed and Certified Seal: Upon completion of services, a comprehensive final report, officially endorsed with a deed and the seal of a publicly appointed expert witness and/or certified appraiser, is available. This report is customized to your project's volume and requirements and is separately priced to reflect the specialized insights and certification it provides.

Note: Costs vary based on the specifics of each service, including the final report. All costs will be clearly communicated and agreed upon before commencing billable work, ensuring a personalized and transparent pricing structure tailored to your needs.

All services and communications are subject to our company’s terms and conditions, which detail our service agreements, liabilities, and responsibilities, safeguarding both parties' interests.

Desktop Appraisal
  • Purpose: Ideal for initial evaluation of potential aircraft purchases.
  • Target Clients: Tailored for clients in the diverse pre-owned aircraft market.
  • Offering: Provides a cost-effective verbal option for preliminary assessment.

The verbal appraisal can be useful for an owner client in the aircraft selection process to decide which aircraft seems plausible to be potentially selected for a purchase in general.

For desktop appraisals, where on-site photos are not applicable, the service will solely utilize available information and data without the inclusion of on-site photos. 

The Desktop Appraisal service offers cost savings by eliminating the need for travel expenses, which can be a significant part of the overall assessment cost and are passed on a one-to-one basis directly to the client.

On-Site Asset Physical & Record Survey
  • Purpose: Essential for brokers and owners in the pre-purchase decision process.
  • Benefit: Facilitates informed decision-making before proceeding to the purchasing phase.
  • Offering: Offers a budget-friendly verbal option for early-stage evaluations.

The verbal appraisal might be useful for a broker or owner to decide before continuing into the cost-intensive PPI / pre-buy inspection, to decide on this or another aircraft.

Complimentary Services:

In the case of verbal assessments, the service primarily relies on a set of photo pictures at no cost / FOC, thus to indicate the details, with the potential integration of specific client requirements.

Any adjustments to the fees based on additional client-specific requirements may be mutually agreed upon.

Premium On-Site Survey with Enhanced Analysis – The Comprehensive Choice
  • Purpose: Invaluable for comprehensive assessments in high-value aircraft transactions.
  • Benefit: Supports thorough due diligence during the purchasing and financing stages.
  • Recommendation: Recommended for detailed written documentation, especially for financial institutions and complex agreements.

The verbal survey option can be valuable during the PPI or handover process to enhance the Letter of Intent (LOI) before committing to the purchase of a specific aircraft.

For financing institutions, tax consultants, or family offices with documentation needs, we recommend choosing the written expertise. In such cases, it's advisable to opt for the written and duly signed expertise to ensure comprehensive documentation.

Complimentary Services:

Each report/expertise report produced will be provided in an online-accessible PDF format, while the comprehensive version will also include one FOC premium hardcover print.

The picture set will always be made at no cost / FOC available in an online-accessible gallery stored at the secure Swisscom 'myCloud' photo gallery.”

Specialized Aircraft Acquisition Services

We offer a range of specialized services designed to support a variety of clients, including first-time buyers, experienced aircraft owners, non-European brokers, and financial institutions. Our expertise extends to conducting initial, brief on-site evaluations for those considering their first purchase or looking to expand their fleet. 

This crucial first step involves a preliminary visual inspection of the aircraft, engines, and maintenance records, providing a comprehensive overview of the asset’s condition and value. 

This thorough assessment is pivotal in deciding whether to proceed to the Letter of Intent (LOI) or Aircraft Purchase Agreement (APA) phase.

Our commitment to our clients extends through the entire acquisition journey, from the initial assessment to the final handover. Our services include the facilitation and oversight of the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), proxy aircraft acceptance, and check flights to the new aircraft's location. 

We also conduct on-site surveys at the aircraft manufacturer production plant to ensure the aircraft meets all agreed-upon standards for a proper and sound delivery. 

Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and confident transition into aircraft ownership or fleet expansion, with every detail managed with utmost professionalism and thoroughness.

More details below, or some details on a PPI in the linked Video hereafter.

Initial phone consultations are complimentary

Charges will apply only after acceptance of the cost estimate.

For more details or to schedule your complimentary consultation, click below:

Prioritizing Client Interests in Aircraft Allocation:
Our primary focus is on understanding and meeting the specific needs of our clients, ensuring the selection of an aircraft that perfectly aligns with their operational requirements and preferences. Through a detailed analysis of client objectives and market options, we dedicate ourselves to finding the ideal aircraft match.

Aircraft Appraisal for Ownership or Financing:
We provide comprehensive and impartial aircraft appraisals, emphasizing the importance of accurate valuations for our clients' ownership or financing decisions. Utilizing our deep industry knowledge and current market insights, we deliver valuations that clients can trust for their financial planning and negotiations.

Initiating Seller Contact with Offering Letter/E-Mail:
To advance our clients' interests, we craft and send professional Offering Letters/E-Mails to potential sellers, effectively communicating our clients' proposals and terms. This initial step is crucial in establishing a clear and favorable negotiation pathway.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Phase Management:
Guiding our clients through the Letter of Intent (LOI) phase, we focus on securing the aircraft under terms that best serve their interests. The LOI is a fundamental document that outlines the initial agreement and intentions, marking a significant step towards a successful acquisition.

Aircraft Purchase Agreement (APA) Support:
During the Aircraft Purchase Agreement (APA) phase, our role is to assist in drafting, negotiating, and finalizing the agreement, ensuring it accurately reflects our clients' terms and safeguards their interests. This phase is essential for detailing the sale's conditions and achieving a legally sound and beneficial outcome.

Pre-buy Survey (PPI) Supervision:
We meticulously oversee the Pre-buy Inspection (PPI), including the selection and management of Part-145/MRO services. This critical evaluation process is aimed at providing our clients with a transparent and thorough understanding of the aircraft's condition, maintenance history, and compliance, facilitating an informed purchase decision.

Handover, Closing, and Delivery Execution:
Our services extend to overseeing the final stages of the aircraft acquisition process, including handover, closing, and delivery. We ensure a seamless transition of ownership, with a focus on meeting all contractual and regulatory requirements, and delivering the aircraft to our clients under the best possible conditions.

Our dedication to placing our clients' interests at the forefront of our services guarantees a client-centric approach throughout the aircraft acquisition journey, ensuring satisfaction and success at every step.


McKay Experts review LOIs or APAs to ensure that the purchase's technical requirements are met. However, we are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, tax, or similar professional advice or services. As such, our technical consultation should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal, or other competent advisers. Clients should consult a legal or tax professional before making any decisions or taking any action.