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Our team consists of highly experienced aviation experts in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, working diligently every day to maintain our leadership in the field.

We possess a wealth of knowledge, yet we are always learning and expanding our expertise to support our customers effectively. Our goal is to understand each situation thoroughly and develop solutions collaboratively with our clients and their teams.

For our main team, shown below, and others not listed, prioritizing aviation safety, ethics, and professionalism, alongside our expertise, is paramount. This approach establishes us as reliable specialists, prepared to address the unique challenges you may face.

All this according to the McKay Credo:

“Be true — work wisely and look to the outcome.”


Appraisal and Engineering Services


we Select - Survey - Appraise - Purchase - Deliver


Aircraft Expert Witness

Michael, an aerospace expert with a Master of Engineering and Diplom-Ingenieur, is a publicly appointed aviation expert. He holds a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Flight Instructor (FI(A)) certification, showcasing his proficiency in piloting and instructing. As a representative of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU), Michael significantly contributes to aviation safety through detailed investigations and analyses. He is a Flight Examiner for PPL and LAPL, and a Class Rating Examiner for TMG and SEP operations. Michael also enjoys flying his own Single Engine Piston (SEP) plane. His expertise extends to examining Class 5 ultralight aircraft and serving as an IARS examiner for aircraft up to 1,200 kg MTOM.

Aircraft Finance Expert

Toennies is an experienced finance professional with a robust background in aircraft financing, highlighted by a 25-year tenure at a major international bank and five years at a regional aircraft manufacturer. He earned a Bachelor in International Financial Management from the UK and a Diplom-Kaufmann (Master) from a German university. Specializing in corporate and private aircraft financing, Toennies has developed expertise across Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. In his most recent role, he gained deep insights into the decision-making and approval processes of banks and the complexities of international aircraft financings, positioning him as a significant asset in the field.

Aircraft Expert

Hans Joachim, equipped with a Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) and engineering degrees (Dipl.-Ing., MEng), is a renowned expert in geodesy engineering with a focus on airport aerial surveying. He owns and operates a specially modified twin-engine prop plane, tailored for high-resolution aerial survey missions. This aircraft, equipped with advanced surveying technology, is central to his ability to conduct precise and comprehensive aerial data collection, crucial for airport development and maintenance. His fusion of expert piloting and engineering skills ensures the accuracy of these surveys. Additionally, Hans Joachim contributes significantly to various expert panels and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, enhancing aerial surveying standards in the aviation industry. His specialized aircraft and expertise markedly influence airport planning and development, solidifying his reputation as a key figure in aviation-related geodesy projects.

Helicopter Expert Witness

Marco, holding a BPA in Public Administration, a B.Sc.E in Flight and Senior Base Maintenance Engineering, and a Bachelor Professional of Aeronautical Engineering/Operations (CCI), stands out as a leading figure in aeronautical engineering and aviation maintenance. His expertise in Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) encompasses meticulous oversight of aircraft fleet airworthiness, maintenance scheduling, and adherence to regulatory compliance. As a Certifying Staff Cat B/C and Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS) for Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft (CMPA), he ensures the highest standards of aircraft airworthiness. Additionally, as a Flight Engineer on helicopters and a Publicly Appointed Sworn Helicopter Expert Witness, Marco showcases extensive aviation knowledge. His role as a Technical Examiner for Ground Flight Procedures (GFP) with the German Aviation Office (LBA) highlights his specialized skills in helicopter technology and operations.

Airliner Aviation Expert

Aris, a Commercial Airliner Aviation Expert, boasts a distinguished career in the aviation industry. With a comprehensive background in aircraft maintenance, refurbishment, and outfitting, Aris excels in optimizing aircraft for peak performance and luxury. His expertise spans contract negotiation, asset management, financing, and the sale and purchasing of both commercial airliners and corporate jets. Aris is a strategic thinker, ensuring favorable outcomes in complex contracts. His proficiency in aircraft maintenance and conversion is marked by a commitment to safety and operational excellence. Aris's extensive global network and sharp business acumen drive successful aircraft and aviation asset transactions. As a proven leader and collaborator, he brings a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, shaping the future of commercial airliner and corporate jet aviation.

Aircraft Expert Witness

Rachel  is a seasoned aviation professional with nearly five decades of experience and hands-on work with approximately 100 different aircraft types. She manages back-office functions and expert assignments with clients and legal-financial partnerships. Her expertise as a Business Economist, Type Rating Instructor (TRI), and Aircraft & Powerplant (A&P) mechanic enhances her corporate and business jet appraisal skills. Though retired from active piloting, Rachel remains actively involved, enjoying aircraft surveys and the familiar atmosphere of hangars. As a trusted Publicly Appointed Sworn Expert Witness and Senior Aircraft Appraiser, she provides crucial insights into aviation asset valuation for legal cases. Currently in her second term as Chairwoman of the German Aviation Expert Association (GAEA), Rachel's influence extends across German-speaking Europe and the United States. Recently, she joined the IBAC – International Business Aviation Council’s IAF Industry Advisory Forum, established in 2024, to strengthen the business aviation sector within the broader commercial aviation industry. Delivered with a smile, her motto stands: "Persevere, adapt, and protect—always moving forward, never giving up."

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Experience at Work Rachel and her colleague Uwe during an on-site aircraft survey.
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Technical Mastery in Appraising
and Client Support for Corporate Jets

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, including the thorough evaluation and examination of aircraft, engines, components, and accessories

We pride ourselves on providing expert advice to aircraft owners, operators, and financial institutions during the critical stages of aircraft selection, purchase, and financing.

Our services extend to conducting:

  • detailed appraisals and 
  • physical inspections, 
  • essential in facilitating smooth financial transactions.

Furthermore, we

  • handle the delivery and
  • transfer of aircraft ownership
  • ensuring seamless transitions to the chosen country of registration.

Our primary objective is to assist our clients in every phase of aircraft ownership:

  • to eventual sale,
  • from acquisition, 
  • through operational management,

always aligning our efforts with their goals and prevailing market conditions.

Headquartered in Switzerland, our company is strategically positioned to conduct business on a global scale, offering unmatched services in the world of corporate jets.


Rachel's Aviation Journey:

From Playing with Balsa Wood Planes to Aircraft Expert and a Seasoned Team of Innovators in Aviation

My personal story begins in 1970 with a child's fascination, gazing out of a roof window at pilots adorned in red helmets, soaring at tree-top level. That image ignited a passion in me, leading to the creation of my first aircraft — a balsa wood plane propelled by nothing more than a rubber band. This childhood wonder laid the foundation for a lifelong journey in aviation.

After completing my apprenticeship as an aircraft and powerplant (A&P) mechanic and earning my Pilot License, my dedication to aviation only grew. Today, after nearly fifty years in this thrilling industry, I am honored to serve as a publicly appointed aircraft expert witness and chair the appraiser association for the German-speaking countries in Europe. Each day, whether in the hangar or the sky, performing check flights or inspecting aircraft for my clients, reaffirms my love for aviation and for the people who make it possible — the pilots, engineers, accountants, and enthusiasts who share this dream.


Our Team: United by Sky-High Aspirations

Much like my own journey, each member of our team brings a unique story to the table, bound by a shared passion for aviation. Their diverse backgrounds, from apprenticeships in aircraft engineering to accountants mastering the figures, underscore the depth of experience and dedication that defines us.

Our collective expertise ensures that our clients receive only the finest aircraft, meticulously inspected and verified to meet the highest standards. Our joy comes from the satisfaction of a job well done, whether ensuring the safety and quality of an aircraft or sharing the exhilaration of a successful flight home after a day's work.


Why Choose Us: A Legacy Built on Passion and Precision

Choosing us means partnering with a team whose lives have been shaped by aviation. We don't just work in the aviation industry; we live and breathe it, driven by the same curiosity and enthusiasm that inspired me to build that first balsa wood plane. Our expertise is not merely technical; it's personal. We understand the dreams and aspirations that draw people to aviation, and we're here to turn those dreams into reality.

With every inspection, appraisal, and flight, we carry forward a legacy of passion, precision, and trust. Our mission is to ensure that every client experiences the same joy and satisfaction that has fueled our journey from the very beginning. We cherish the scent of jet fuel, the music of roaring engines, and the beauty of aircraft in motion.


Current Focus: ESG Compliance and Future Financing

We are at the forefront of addressing some of the most pressing challenges in our industry, notably ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance and the intricacies of future aircraft financing. As governments increasingly mandate ESG requirements within the banking sector's regulatory frameworks, we are developing specialized tools to ensure that future aircraft financing aligns with these evolving standards. This initiative not only underscores our commitment to sustainability but also ensures our readiness to navigate the complexities of future financing in compliance with new regulations.

Join Us: Embark on Your Aviation Journey

Whether you're looking to purchase your first aircraft, need an expert appraisal, or simply wish to share our passion for flight, we invite you to join us. Let's embark on this journey together, supported by unmatched expertise and a shared love for the skies. Join our community of owners, family offices, bankers, pilots, hostesses, mechanics, and the many great people who make our industry remarkable. Together, we will tackle the challenges ahead with the same passion and precision that has defined our journey thus far.