“The merit of the future is that it is not set”

Guided by the wisdom of Bertrand de Jouvenel, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the aviation industry. As active participants shaping the future, our commitment to technological advancements and sustainable practices drives us forward in the 21st century. We believe that our actions and aspirations today pave the way for aviation's future.

Reference: Bertrand de Jouvenel (31 October 1903 – 1 March 1987), French philosopher, political economist, and futurist.


“It is my pleasure to assist our clients to overcome the hassles and time-consuming details of these not complicated, but complex transactions.” 

Rachel McKay

"Behind the Scenes: Exploring Aircraft Details and Maintenance Records"
"From the Ground Up:
Examining Aircraft Details at the Hangar Floor Inspection Desk"

At McKay Experts, our team collectively possesses over a century of aviation experience, making us a trusted source for aircraft owners and operators. With diverse backgrounds in military aviation, aircraft production, and commercial jet maintenance and operation, we offer a wealth of industry expertise.

Our extensive network includes strong relationships with aircraft manufacturers, maintenance firms, financing institutions, brokers, and insurance agencies, ensuring our clients receive the best possible support.

Led by seasoned professionals, we provide valuable insights and real-time data to empower clients in their aircraft ownership and transaction decisions. Trust in our team's dedication to your aviation needs, and benefit from our combined knowledge and passion for the industry.

In the picture below: the typical hangar desk

“Inspecting from the Hangar Floor: A Desk-Level Perspective of CRJ Aircraft Details”


In the picture below: 

  “Behind the Scenes: Reviewing Aircraft Records at the MRO/CAMO Desk”