Comprehensive Aircraft Acquisition Services by Rachel and Her Panel of Experts


McKay Experts offers global aircraft search and appraisal services, catering to high net worth clients, particularly those with European backgrounds or their family offices. Our appraisals are frequently requested by banks for asset financing purposes. To source the best aircraft options for our clients, we utilize our established resources and connections. Additionally, when necessary, we collaborate with brokers based in the US or UK to expand our search scope.  

As members of major industry associations, our team is part of an international network of leading companies in Europe and the US, providing support and assistance globally. Since the inception of their careers as licensed aircraft engineers, pilots, and business economists, our professionals at McKay Experts have been delivering personalized and professional services to clients.

We employ state-of-the-art technology in our aircraft inspections and appraisals, offering up-to-the-minute market data and global capabilities. This approach enables us to find the finest aircraft with the best value for our clients, ensuring the best possible "fair market price." Our commitment at McKay Experts is to provide a positive, hassle-free experience, ensuring our clients' utmost satisfaction in their aircraft acquisition journey.

“Operating out of Zurich, we provide, within the private aviation industry, one of the best consulting services”.

From allocating the best-fit aircraft for our clients, including establishing appraisals and performing thorough aircraft & record inspections, to assisting in the selection of the appropriate aircraft model to suit the client's mission, requirements, and budget, our aviation consulting services are comprehensive. We handle the import or export of aircraft, providing support to our clients' legal departments or aviation lawyers in LOI/APA contract*) preparation and negotiation.

We oversee pre-purchase inspections and protect our clients' interests as buyers of this very specific asset. From the check- and ferry flights to the de-/registration process with competent aviation authorities such as EASA, IOMAR, FAA, or other NAAs, our service encompasses all technical aspects. From aircraft acceptance to owner change, up to and including the final delivery of the aircraft, these are all integral parts of our service portfolio.

In addition to evaluating the aircraft's value for our clients, we are equipped to locate the ideal aircraft for them. We are committed to providing our clients with the best services by listening to understand their requirements and comparing them to the market and available options.

Clients will receive true market expertise at every level of the purchase process when working with us. With decades of combined experience, we uphold the utmost professional principles in the business, ensuring complete transparency throughout the entire transaction, thereby facilitating a smoother process for our clients.

*) please also refer to the below disclaimer

Initial phone consultations are complimentary.

Charges will apply only after acceptance of the cost estimate.

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      • Allocating the best fit aircraft

      • Appraising the aircraft for owner or financing purposes

      • Initiating the contact with seller via “Offering Letter/E-Mail”

      • Establishing the LOI – Letter of Intent Phase

      • Supporting the APA – Purchase Agreement Phase

      • Supervising the PPI – Pre-buy survey (“inspection”), Record Survey, including Part-145/MRO selection and oversight

      • Performing the Handover, Closing, and Delivery



McKay Experts review LOIs or APAs to ensure that the purchase's technical requirements are met. However, we are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, tax, or similar professional advice or services. As such, our technical consultation should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal, or other competent advisers. Clients should consult a legal or tax professional before making any decisions or taking any action.